Sacred Photography

The following photographs were taken with 2 different digital camera. The circles of light that appear in these picture represent a same percentage of the amount of pictures taken with the same cameras. It seems that these circles of light only appears when a flash or other source of light is shown upon them. As a matter of fact most if not all were capture with the help of a flesh.

Nevertheless only in "Sacred Space" were the circles of light present. Churches, temples, burial site, places know as vortex or sacred place such as Manua Lea on the Big Island reveal the presence of...

Of what? Spirit? Departed? ET's...

I have found a couple sites (see Resources for links) that refer to these "orbs" representing ETs. I do not feel that these are ET's because of where they were captured. My feel is that they are either the spirit of departed related to the people present on the site when these are taken (see the picture of "L",) or they are compassionate spirits or guides that either belong to this space or have some relation with the people present in that space. See the picture of John of God.

If you have a theory or additional information, have taken similar photos and would like to explore the subject please contact.

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A001_25.jpg A002_24.jpg
Temple at Ananda in Rhodes Island
The orb is above Jesus' the altar.
John of God (right) holding flag during religious procession. Orbs al above John of God and his wife. Brazil.
Las Capucianas, Antigua , Guatemala
A former convent now vacant.
Inside Notre Dame de Paris large orb is on the left of the right pillar. France.
A007_19.jpg A008_18.jpg A009_17.jpg A010_16.jpg
Ranchers presenting the Madonna to John of God at his ranch in Brazil.
Center figure John of God with friend
Dormitories of Las Capucinas
On the edge of the Halemaumau, volcano.
Second from right: John of God with Wife (right) and friends.
Halemaumau at dusk.
Halemaumau at dusk.
Halemaumau at dusk.