Once a year the ranchers travel from ranch to ranch offering the Madonna in exchange with the ranch's' crest here on flags. Each owner in turn host the Madonna for one night. That night Heather Cumming (right) with whom I went to visit John of God brought us to the ranch as she (as a daughter of the Casa) had a personal invitation from John of God.

More information on Trips to John of God with Heather Cummings.

In these picture, I believe the circle of light to be the compassionate spirit who work with John of God

Below is a view of the main Hall at the Casa in Abadania, Brazil where the sick gather before entering the three other chamber to see John of God.

In that picture I did not photograph a circle of light but in the reproduction of St. Ignacio de Loyola, right above the wooden triangle (symbol of the Casa,) you can notice that the artist did paint an orb of light next to St. Ignacio as well as a halo around his head.

In Way of the Shaman page 23, Michael Harner show a drawing of a Jivaro shaman with a golden halo around his head, stating that during an altered state of consciousness one may perceive such halo. Many artists have included such halo around the head of the depicted "saint," Where they able to perceive them or did anyone describe them to the artist to be painted?
I know that when I paint I often slip into an altered state of consciousness where I find that my perception is distorted. I barely hear any noise around me.


Picture credit Chantal Guillou-Brennan
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