In this picture we see 2 circles. This person was an orphan raised by her grandmother who passed six month before. Because of the one so close -on her face, I feel that in this picture the light are the spirit of the departed. One circle of light makes it through the port hole or vortex at Halemaumau Crater. We joked that had O. taken one step back she may have gone into...
DZ has one at her feet. She always gets one bright circle of light wherever she goes, for more of these with DZ visit
The crater is behind O. A few of the light are brighter than the others. I would suspect that if these are our departed relatives the brightest one would have been O's mom.
Picture credit Chantal Guillou-Brennan
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I have a few all around in the sky, I am not very close to my departed ancestor (grand parents) and if these lights are my ancestors they are far way in the background.