Meditation • Size: 30" x 24"

This painting was created in a meditative state using a music CD which promote theta brain waves.
The Intention was to "create form out of the formless" I had just finish David Hawkins book "The eye of the I" and the thought linger with me. This was just the natural evolution. I use this painting with the CD to meditate; each time is a different journey.

I can create one for you that will be done specifically for your enjoyment and healing

I journey first to ask guidance from your guides and then I play a CD that you would like me to use.
I have a few that I can suggest for you to try first or I can create the painting using a music CD of your choice.

You can email me ( your request and the size you would like and I will be happy to give you a quote.

Not for sale.

Created under meditative state (Theta brain waves) using musical compostion.

Although these paintings are not for sale . I can create an original or do a reproduction "uniquely" for you.
If you would like to have a portrait done in a particular style or a composition done on a specific idea/subject in one of the styles above
please emali me for a free quote at: