From the Heart • Size: 24" x 36"
This painting glows in the darkness. It truly is 2 painting in one.
(I have not been able to capture it with my digital camera.)
Rays of light spill from the heart chakra and the auric field outlines the figure.
This was originally a study of movement. I sketched it in an art class given at my Gym!!
Posing here is Barbara her arm on a step (remember we are in a gym) turned to its side.
Now a window of opportunity for your imagination.

This is one of a kind oil on canvas was created mostly with knives. Like all my painting it is an original
No print , no reproduction.

This original is available for purchase: at $2,500

I can create an original or do a reproduction "uniquely" for you.
If you would like to have a portrait done in a particular style or a composition done on a specific idea/subject in one of the styles above
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