The Sanctuary • Size: 24" x 36"

One early Spring day, I loaded my painting gears in the van and headed for the Audubon Society & Bird Sanctuary in Milford CT.

As I started the painting a bus load of teenagers arrived at the sanctuary and crossing the path from the main building on my right to the beach on my left some of them stopped by to check out my "art" which wasn't very advanced. Needless to say they didn't stay long and the small group rejoin the rest of them laughing and joking on how pathetic this looked.

By the afternoon, despite my freezing hands, I was still painting. The teenagers came back from their outing. and stopped again. Woh wah! Yes the painting had evolve and was most likely close to what you see know. Some wanted to know how long I had been painting if I had taken classes... "I took very few classes but I started painting when i was about 14 years old about your age . All you have to do is start you never know where you'll end up". I told them. I sometime think about these adolescents and wonder if any of them ever tried.

Painting bring me so much peace and joy.

Not for sale.

Although this painting is not for sale . I can create an original or do a reproduction "uniquely" for you.
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